Bioflow Wristbands

Bioflow Ltd have considerably increased their distributor prices. Rather than take excessive profit, I am selling off my stock at the old prices, once it's gone, the new price will be significantly higher. So buy now while my low prices last.

A variety of Bioflow wristbands are available to suit taste and budget.

They all contain one or more standard Bioflow CRP magnets

Bioflow wristbands include the Classic, Explorer-2, Executive, Windsor and Elite

The Explorer-2 has a choice of four coloured exchangeable straps with four lengths for men, two for women. The straps can be purchased separately. The magnetic module is in stainless steel with one CRP magnet intended to be worn over the vein in the centre of the wrist. The strap also contains a small relay magnet by the buckle designed to draw the magnetic field deeper into the wrist.

The Executive has the same magnetic module as the Explorer-2 but comes with a black or brown leather strap.

The Elite has a flexible metal strap in stainless steel or two-tone, with gents and ladies versions. I have worn my Elite continuously since 2004. Personally I think it is the best product in the range.

The Windsor is a new product in stainless steel with a carbon fibre inlay and three full strength CRP magnetic modules.

All Bioflow products sold on this site are new and genuine from Bioflow Ltd. Discovery Magnets has been selling Bioflow products online since 2004.

Perhaps you are unsure about using a magnetic bracelet for your aches and pains? I wasn't either, until I actually tried wearing a Bioflow! Why not see if it can help yours? With a 90 day no-quibble money-back guarantee - you have only your aches and pains to lose.

Please note that Bioflow is NOT a cure for arthritis or the underlying causes of the other aches and pains we all suffer as we age, but much customer feedback has shown that wearing a Bioflow wristband can dramatically reduce pain for many people. More than 2 million customers since 1995.

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