Bioflow dog collar

Bioflow dog collar

Bioflow Ltd have considerably increased their distributor prices. Rather than take excessive profit, I am selling off my stock at the old prices, once it's gone, the new price will be significantly higher. So buy now while my low prices last.

VAT will be added at checkout in UK and EU - total £19.96 + post (in UK £1.60)

Your dog cannot know that a Bioflow magnetic collar will help them. So when within days for fitting its new Bioflow magnetic collar, your old dog has more energy and is able to climb steps more easily , something must be working! Why not try one on your pet? The usual 90 day trial warranty applies. If you can see no difference, send it back for a refund. (But be warned, few pet owners do!)

"I purchased a bioflow collar from you for our 15 year old chocolate labrador on the recommendation of another dog owner. Beath was so lame that I really thought her days were nearly over. It is now two weeks since she started wearing it and is like a new dog, in fact she is the talk of Polmont among the"doggie walkers"!! it really is amazing what has happened in two weeks We were so impressed that my husband and I are now wearing one of your copper bracelets!" MT.

"My 2 year old staffie developed a limp after trapping her front leg in a park bench. Over a period of months she went back and forth to the vets and after 2 xrays and nearly £800 spent the vet said they could find nothing wrong with her leg. A year later she was still limping and really not wanting to go out like she used to. I desperately searched the internet for anything that may help and sceptically bought an Bioflow collar. Within 2 weeks the limp had completely stopped. Fantastic product, everyone laughed at me when I bought it, said they are useless and just produce a placebo effect, but my staffie is living proof that they do work. I don't know how they work and quite honestly I really don't care! Since she has worn the Bioflow collar she hasn't limped and is absolutely, 100% full of life again and that’s all anyone needs to know." DM

"I bought a Bioflow magnetic collar for my daughter's 18 year old labrador in September. His hind legs were letting him down badly and she was wondering whether it was really a kindness to keep him alive. He is a much loved pet and she has nursed him through two strokes (one really bad one two years ago when the vet said he wouldn't last the week.) Buying him the Bioflow collar was just the last shot at helping him as the vet could only give him pain killers. When I gave it to my daughter she smiled and said "can you get a refund!". I must admit I also did not hold out much hope of it being of any help. Well that was about three months ago but I have certainly changed my opinion now! Recently I accompanied my daughter, with the dog and her neighbour's much younger dog to our local recreation ground. It was a real pleasure to see the dogs playing together. My daughter's dog was running, albeit a bit ungainly, but thoroughly enjoying himself, tail wagging and eyes shining - almost laughing in fact. If I hadn't seen it with my own eyes I wouldn't have believed it but my daughter said this is now a regular occurrence. The vet has shown a lot of interest and wants to be kept informed. Obviously, the dogs days are numbered but what better days they are for him."
"Well, as it has been proved to me that this is not just 'in the mind', I ordered a bracelet from you for myself. I hope that I will soon be running around with my eyes shining too!!"

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Bioflow Dog collar  small

Bioflow Dog collar small

Bioflow small dog collar. fits from 25cm..


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